Steven Rushingwind

Mission Statement

In life we pass by ordinary objects, never really seeing them. These object might be invisible to the average person, but an artist sees beauty in such common items. A can of soup, an apple or a pear or an old abandoned building that you pass by each day, becomes a celebrated object. As I paint these objects on canvas, I project my moods onto these objects, so they take on a life, a piece of my life, reflecting the twists and turns I’ve taken along the journey. Rushingwind



After making my mark in the Native American Music world,  as a flutist, my roots are calling.  I'm being pulled back to my love of painting by the smell of the oils and the feel of the brush. I find peace and tranquility in my studio. It's my meditation in this crazy world.


Born in 1959 in Pomona, CA, Rushingwind is of Native American & Mexican decent. He has been interested in art and music his entire life. He was raised within a family of artists, including musicians and painters. As a child he spent time in his uncleʼs studio, the Artist Alfred Flores 1913-1997, who was an oil painter for over 40 years. Rushingwind remembers sensing the full rich smell of oils, the buttery texture on his fingers in his uncles studio — he was hooked.


Money was tight in the Ruiz family, being one of six children. He would save his money to buy oils and he would take the discarded tubes from his uncleʼs trash can and squeezing out every drop. This turned out to be a blessing to him as it taught him how to mix a rainbow of colors out of the three primary colors: blue, yellow and red. As we fast-forward to his early thirties, the love of music and the outdoors became his passion, so it was only natural to step outside and paint what was in his heart. Many have acquired Rushingwind's Landscapes, music paintings and wood sculptures. He is known as the “matchmaker” for his wood carved eight foot high burnt matchsticks. Rushingwind loves to paint the beauty of common items and show them in a dramatic way, showing his love of shadows. His works can be can be found in corporate, private and museum collections. He has been featured in catalogs and many newspaper articles. Rushingwind is a self-taught artist, coming from a family of artists.


He has owned two galleries, The Blue Core in Pomona California and Ruiz Studios in Monterey, California. His work is part of the permanent collection at The Latino Art Museum in Pomona, California and The Pomona Valley Hospital. His work has also been shown in hundreds of one-man/group shows including the Millard Sheets Gallery, and the DA Center for the Arts, Metro Gallery, Blue Core, Buddhamouse, Division 9 Gallery as well as galleries in Monterey, Sand City and Carmel, California and Washington DC. Steven has judged, and curated many art shows throughout his career. Steven is also an accomplished international award winning Native Flute musician, known as Steven Rushingwind.


Rushingwind Art.      Claremont, CA.